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On-site lab, eyeglasses and sunglasses in Summit, NJ

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We have an on-site lab here at Neuman & Schindler. That's something fewer and fewer opticians can say nowadays.

So what does that mean to you? In a word: convenience.

Need a repair or adjustment to your frames? Chances are pretty good Seth can do it in his lab while you wait. That's convenient.

Oftentimes, he can even cut your new lenses to fit your current frames. How convenient is that?

Have you ever had to leave your glasses with the optician who sent them out cross-country for work? And asked you to come back for them after a week or more? Not so convenient.

Now, we're not saying Seth can do everything in his lab or that he will never need to send your specs out for specialist attention. He's an optician, not a miracle-worker.

But the fact is, at Neuman & Schindler most of the work gets done in the lab right in the back of the shop, not thousands of miles away. And that's the convenient truth.